Book Tullhuset as holiday house

Our authentic wooden holiday house ’Tullhuset’ is, just like our popular Esmee’s Cottage, directly bookable on our website. This beautiful Swedish log cabin is about 140 years old. It has been rebuilt in Vägsjöfors somewhere in the 1980’s. We renovated it in an original style with 2 modern bathrooms, a cozy kitchen, living and 3 bedrooms.

Tullhusets’ tale that has been told to us is that one of the former owners moved Tullhuset from the Norwegian border to Torsby, Northern Värmland. He got this customs house as a gift after he had been presenting a rare and valuable hunting trophy to its former owner.

One of the bedrooms on the upper floor has been decorated with lovely paintings made by a sister in law of the former owner.

Be aware that access to the rooms on the upper floor is only possible by very steep stairs. Tullhuset is not suitable for elderly or people with mobility disabilities