Where experiences become memories

WE TIME - The idea
Five years ago we were looking for a theme that would guide the next steps of our lives. A number of aspects were of importance in this case: people - connecting - generations - relationships - outdoor - exercise - sport - nature - stories - experiences. We developed this further into a concept. Together with you, we would like to fulfil our dreams.

People become increasingly busy and live on tight schedules. This puts a good and valuable social life under pressure. In addition, the focus often lays on the individual in many different ways. There's nothing wrong with this, but each person still depends on its social network and environment. The family's history, traditions and relationships, but also friends, play an important and often decisive role. Sometimes they're playing a controlling role, more often they're present in the background. It could be valuable to learn, hear and understand more about this; it is your own DNA after all. Thus, each family has its own history, stories, traditions, customs, cuisine, language and names, knowledge and skills. It consciously or unconsciously forms a family into what it is: a unique and special unity with common, defining bonds.

Our dream
Finding and enhancing those family stories and practices, relationships and traditions, knowledge and skills is what we call: We Time. We would like to offer you a special place for this in a beautiful and inspiring environment. Together you can get to know the uniqueness of your family, deepen it and pass it on.

The base
Within our own family, we organised a small study concerning the wishes and dreams living between the different generations. We discovered parallels we didn’t expect. There were several items on the dream lists, which both members of the family wanted to do, to learn or to experience together, without knowing this from one another. Grandpa would love to make a long hike with his granddaughter in the hills. Grandson would love to learn to prepare that specific, delicious regional dish from Grandma. Son would love to make a trip together with his mother. Thus there are wishes and dreams within families and between generations, often unspoken and certainly not yet fulfilled; simply because we do not know them from each other, no time is being allocated or a no suitable place or location is available.

We would like to introduce THE LODGE Torsby: a special place in mid-Sweden (Värmland region), located at the beautiful Brocken lake and at the foot of the Hovfjället. A place richly surrounded by authentic and unique stories that will inspire you.

We welcome you at THE LODGE Torsby!
The concept of ‘We Time’ obviously not only applies just to families. Whereever you read family now, you can replace this with friends or groups, (sports-)teams or colleagues.