Vägsjöfors Works

For 150 years (1743-1892) the area around THE LODGE Torsby was used for the Vägsjöfors Works (Bruket). Iron production, forestry and agriculture employed many people. Along the Vägån creek, from lake Vägsjön to lake Nedre Brocken, there were smithies, sawmills, millstones, distilleries and other production facilities. The 41 meter drop between the two lakes granted a construction of 8 dams. The water-wheels provided power for iron-hammers, saws, millstones and other machinery.

The works formed a centre of industrial activity; supplying nails, tools, sheet-iron, horse-shoes, boards, as well as Schnapps to the local community and neighbouring regions. THE LODGE -Torsby was actually the office and guesthouse where this all came together. This still can be seen from the old bookkeeping on the wall in the main building.

The workshops also manufactured products for export purposes. In 1892 works were shot down, thereby marking the end of an era as this one was the last of the Fryksdalen valley iron-works.

From THE LODGE you can experience the cultural and historical environment by a walk up to lake Vägsjön along the remains of the old Vägsjöfors Works.