Hiking experience

We enjoyed a fabulous long hike of almost 21 km in the mountains around Sysslebäck. We drove (30 min) to Ransby and followed the first part of the Nordvärmlandsleden towards Ransbysätern. It is a challenging track with some climbs and swampy terrain, but you will be treated with marvelous views over the valleys and the Klarälven. After our lunch picnic we continued towards Sysslebäck and went down through the valley on our way back to Ransby. One can cover the Nordvärmlandsleden (54 km) completely, but this would need at least 2 to 3 days. And according to the number of moose droppings they seem to be the most frequent commuters on this lovely track. After arriving at home we went for a ‘swim’ in our lake; it was extremely refreshing after a long day’s hiking adventure. Swedish nature is waiting for you.