Health goes first: Two weeks without guests

Although THE LODGE Torsby officially does not have to close its’ doors due to Covid-19 yet, it feels like we are practically closed.
Initially we ourselves closed our accommodation for 6 days preventively, pending measures and instructions from Swedish authorities.

Meanwhile the number of bookings for the coming spring and summer dropped dramatically and almost all reservations for the coming weeks got cancelled.

That’s because many Swedes do take responsibility and cancel trips which are not strictly necessary. We appreciate their choice because we only can cope the corona pandemic by acting together.
And yes, we DO MISS our guests; but we are convinced that we will survive this tough period.

Where Sweden got critical notes in the complete international press during this weekend we do see also other signals and action, many of them are taken on local level. Elderly people who stay at home, are serviced by family members or friends for their shoppings. The possibility of washing and disinfecting your hands are abundant and no one shakes hands at all anymore. The shops are far from crowded, restaurants have got restrictions and museums are closed.

But going outside and enjoying nature is still possible for everybody. Maybe difficult to realize for highly populated countries, but we made a long hike this Sunday and we didn’t meet another person on the whole track!