Golf at Torsby Golfklubb

Golf at Torsby Golfklubb

Sweden is a true Eldorado for golfers. The country has many hundreds of golf courses that you are welcome as a guest. Rates are usually friendly. Fees between SEK 300 to 600 (€ 32.50 and € 65) are common.
Torsby Golfklubb is a 20-minute drive from THE LODGE – Torsby.

The course has 9 holes (par 36). Golfers who prefer more holes can drive a bit further, for example to Sunne, which has an 18 hole course, or to Karlstad with 6 courses in the area.

Nevertheless, a visit to the 9 hole course of Torsby is worthwile. Each hole has different tees, so you play during the second nine of another spot. In addition, it will not be easy to play your handicap. The course has nice height differences, although they are nowhere to extreme. The greens are not flat at all, as player you will be well aware of the difference between a downhill and uphill putt. If you realise that the course is covered with a snow carpet for a large part of the year (and then available for cross-country skiing and other winter-lovers) the fairways and greens are quite in good condition. A few higher tees (especially at 3, 12 and 16) will give you a nice view over the entire course, which can be characterised as “friendly”. The fairways are wide so you do not have to be afraid to lose a lot of balls. And if your ball ends in one of the strategically situated waterhazards (for example at 4, 7 or 8) there is no need to worry. In the cristal clear water the ball is mostly easily found.

In 2017, the greenfee of the Torsby Golfklubb is SEK 300, but if you decide to play twice in the same week (on working days), you will pay SEK 500. A family (two adults, two children) pays for a round (of 18 holes) only SEK 500. Compared to other European countries a big deal! If the clubhouse is not manned, you are deemed to do the green fee in the designated bus (honesty box).

Torsby GK, Oleby 418, 685 92 Torsby (on the east side of Torsby),